Efficiently Delivering Sleep Tests to Patients in Need

Whether you’re a doctor, dentist, or patient, you know how hard it can be to get a sleep test when you need one. Often, it’s not enough for a primary care physician or dentist to recommend one, you might need to get the assistance of a sleep physician. At SleepTest.com, we make it easier for patients to get sleep tests. A clinician can quickly submit patients via SleepTestCRM and we’ll manage shipping, receiving and interpretation of the data.

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Home Sleep Testing: How It Works

Laptop iconStep 1: Submit Patient

Use SleepTestCRM to submit patients via computer or tablet.

Cost icon with dollar signStep 2: Patient Benefits | Cost

Complimentary benefits check completed to provide patients with their portion.

Mobile phone telemed iconStep 3: Pre-Test Telemedicine Visit

Sleep specialists consult with patients and prescribe the home sleep test.

Device package mailed iconStep 4: Device Delivery

Sleep test device mailed to patients with complimentary shipping & receiving.

Patient in bed - home sleep test iconStep 5: Home Sleep Test

2-night home sleep test in the comfort of the patient’s own bed.

Diagnosis - home sleep test iconStep 6: Diagnosis

Board-certified sleep physician interprets data and provides diagnosis, letter of medical of necessity, and when applicable – a prescription for therapy.

Mobile phone telemed iconStep 7: Post-Test Telemedicine Visit

Sleep specialists consult with patients to review results.


Benefits of Working with SleepTest.com

There are many reasons why doctors and patients should choose home sleep tests from SleepTest.com:

  • Simple referral process
  • Easy online interface for doctors and patients
  • We work with multiple insurance carriers
  • Affordable pricing for cash patients
  • We keep doctors in the loop
  • Quick turnaround time for results
  • Great customer service
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Simple Referral Process

Providers can easily refer patients. We provide you with our custom-built, HIPAA-compliant SleepTestCRM. Use SleepTestCRM to screen and submit patients in a matter of minutes and we’ll take it from there!

Patient Tracking

You can simply view a list of your patients or dive into their details where you’ll find a date-by-date referral timeline and notes on each patient.


Patient Portal

Patients are provided with our convenient Patient Portal that guides and keeps them on track. Our Patient Portal communicates current statuses, pricing, and telemedicine scheduling via text and email.


Device Recovery

We entice patients to return their testing device within 5 days of receipt. When they do, they’re entered into our SleepStakes and could win a $100 gift card! Additionally, we have a strategic recovery system that includes automated emails and text messages, coupled with personal phone calls.

Fast Results

Our strategy ensures a rapid turnaround of sleep tests. Every sleep test order includes free 2-day USPS shippingーboth ways. Plus, our affiliate contracted physicians aim results in just 1-2 business days.

Great Customer Support

SleepTest.com is committed to a patient-centric model of healthcare. Our goal is to exceed provider and patient expectations. We provide onboarding training for our providers and our Customer Care Advocates are there for patients each step of the way.