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Ryan C. Javanbakht is our President, CEO, and Co-Founder

He is an apneic patient in therapy too!

Ryan and our team founded SleepTest.com to initiate a simple, more effective sleep testing model, driven with purpose and integrity, to tackle our country’s sleep apnea “epidemic”, as the CDC has deemed it.

Ryan has spent most of his professional career in the healthcare arena because his passion is people – specifically helping people live better, healthier and more impactful lives. His experience in both the medical and dental fields led him to fall in love with sleep medicine.       

Ryan fully committed to the field of sleep medicine when he learned his father’s detrimental, cardiovascular condition could have been avoided with a sleep test. It wasn’t until after his father went through open-heart surgery, quadruple bypass, multiple angioplasties, and four stent placements that he was considered for a sleep test. After testing they learned that he had severe apnea and could have led to the cardiovascular issues he had been struck with. Even after years of PAP therapy, Ryan’s father experienced a stroke due to the fact that his sleep testing and therapy started far too late.

Ryan demonstrates his passion to help people through providing engaging experiences that get his audiences to take action. He has been invited to lecture at the North American Dental Sleep Symposium, the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, California Dental Association, Obstructive Sleep Airway University, Dental Sleep Solutions Study Club, the American Academy of Physiological Medicine & Dentistry, the Vatech 3D Symposium, i-CAT Congress, as well as various Henry Schein, Benco, Burkhart, NextLevel Practice and Invisalign continued education events. Beyond his speaking engagements, Ryan’s work has been published in the Dental Sleep Practice and Dental Sleep Insider magazines. 


In addition to his commitment to sleep medicine, Ryan is the Founder and President of Activator, Inc. - a professional and personal development organization, where he provides executive coaching to young businesses and hungry professionals. Ryan has helped launch various startups and kick-start multiple, thriving careers. These projects have been ignited by his undergraduate degree in Psychology, at the University of California, Davis, and sustained by his relentless effort to remain a forever-student and leader with the Simon Alliance Group and LaunchBox. 


Most important, Ryan is a husband to his wife Celena and father to their 5-year-old twins Micah and Skyla. Together they call Southern California their home, where they enjoy playing soccer, baseball, gardening, and long walks at the beach with their dog Kya.