Minimize Barriers to Testing|Increase Access to Care|Save Lives’s purpose is to minimize barriers to sleep testing, increase access to care, and save lives. Our mission is to advance the delivery of sleep medicine by providing an optimal patient experience through efficient, direct-to-patient, sleep testing and diagnoses. We are relentless in our efforts to exceed the expectations of our patients and clients, with the intention of decreasing the severity of sleep disordered breathing in the United States. Sets the Standard in Home Sleep Testing sets the industry standard in reliable home sleep testing for at-risk, sleep patients. We make sleep testing simple for patients who appreciate evaluations in the comfort of their own beds and effortless for clients with our online HIPAA compliant portal. Our portal acts as a secure ecosystem between and our clients, allowing for electronic patient referrals and easy to retrieve sleep test results. empathizes with the challenges of losing patients in the normal referral process. We have created solutions that keep our clients and their patients in the loop with real-time, automated, status notifications.  Our clients enjoy unlimited patient referrals, diagnoses, letters of medical necessity, and recommendations for therapy from board-certified sleep physicians within 2-4 business days of receiving the sleep test device.

Core Values







At our core values: Purpose, Integrity, Patient-Centric, Service, Reliable, and Expeditious drive all aspects of our business and how we operate, from the inside-out.

These Core Values are the foundation of our commitment to improving the quality and longevity of the patients' lives we serve.

  • The Purpose of Like many of you, we've lived the reality through our friends and family members, and the toll that airway obstruction plays on the body via severe co-morbidities. We seek to make a difference with over 30 million people in the United States who suffer with this disease.

  • The Integrity of We hold high moral standards of excellence, driven by patient needs and satisfaction. We do this because we love to save lives!

  • The Patient-Centric mentality of We put the patient's needs, experience, and cost first. Period.

  • The Service of We continuously seek to exceed the expectations of our members and the patients we serve. Our culture is built around serving others and helping to minimize barriers to patient testing and treatment.

  • The Reliability of You can count on us! We settle for nothing but the best patient and client experience by providing efficient protocols which ensure we do what we say.

  • The Expeditious processes of Sense of urgency and speed are essential to how we operate for our patients and our clients. We know that apnea and airway obstruction can be detrimental to one’s life and we enforce strict protocols to ensure patients are treated quickly and results are provided immediately.