We are a national home sleep test service...

...driven with purpose and integrity, committed to our patient-centric model of healthcare. In our effort to develop healthcare and sleep medicine, we will continue to pursue technological developments that embody quality, service and innovation for superior clinical benefits while helping to lower patient and clinician costs, as we move closer to a healthier lifestyle.

Step-by-Step SleepTest.com Experience

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 Simplified & Safe Referral Processes

As a SleepTest.com client, we partner with you to drive our mutual mission to save lives!

  • Once your patient has been screened and you find medical justification for a sleep study, simply fill out the SleepTest.com Referral Form and submit it through our online, HIPAA compliant portal. No more lost faxes or unsafe transfer of patient health information!

  • Immediately, our Medical Billing Team will generate a "verification of benefits" on their medical insurance. No insurance, no problem! We can treat your patients as a private/cash patient at a very affordable price.

Sincere Scheduling

Your patient's positive experience is our #1 goal, as stated in our mission statement and core values. It is a standard protocol at SleepTest.com to exceed your patient's expectations in this process.

  • When our Medical Billing Team has accurate information on your patient's deductible and co-insurance, a friendly Patient Scheduler will call to educate them on your home sleep test referral, how to effectively wear the testing device, and explain in detail your patient's medical benefits, including their out of pocket portion.

  • When your patient is fully educated on our home sleep testing process and the device, we will send a home sleep test device directly to their home.

  • That's right! We ship and recover these devices for you, so you don’t have buy or lease them, or worry about them being lost or stolen.

Keep You in the Loop

We help you keep control of your patient's experience...and keep it positive! 

  • Our automated system will email you every step of the way so you don't have to worry about your patient getting lost in the referral process.

  • Don't worry! If your patient declines testing, we'll automatically and immediately share with you why. If they don't take our call, we'll also automatically and immediately alert you so you can follow up.

  • It is our mission to ensure that all patents are tested somewhere...even if it isn't with us.

Recovery with Care

To continue providing you with optimal service and minimal involvement on your behalf, we manage all recovery of our sleep test devices.

Yep, that's right! No need to spend hours on the phone, chasing your patients down, wondering if they've worn the sleep test device or returned it.

  • First, our Patient Schedulers will start this process off with success by setting the proper expectations for returning the device during our scheduling call.

  • On top of that, our automated system will send drip emails to your patient to check in on them, and we’ll also send them to you so you don’t feel “out of sight-out of mind”.

  • If the home sleep test has been out for an extended period of time, our Recovery Team will reach out to your patient to see if they have any questions and assist with the testing process.

Accurate & Expeditious Results

We know how important it is to you to get immediate results. We want them fast too!

A sense of urgency is promoted throughout our culture for your convenience.

  • Once the home sleep test device is recovered from your patient, our Clinical Support Team will move quickly to upload your patient's data and prepare for our Board-Certified Sleep Physicians to review and interpret.

  • Our goal is to have sleep test results in your in your hands within 2-4 business days.