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“One of the biggest road blocks for having a successful dental sleep medicine practice is obtaining a diagnosis. Sleeptest.com has overcome that road block! It is now easier than ever to have a patient be tested in the privacy of his/her home. The two night study provides excellent results that are interpreted by a Board Certified Sleep Physician. I have had tremendous patient acceptance as well as positive comments regarding the process. Ryan Javanbakht and his Team provide phenomenal service, support and assistance! I highly recommend Sleeptest.com!”

10 Out of 10 Ranking

Dr. Tucker

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“SleepTest.com is an excellent resource for dentist looking for an answer to OSA diagnostics and follow-up to Oral Appliance Therapy! I have known Ryan Javanbakht for some time and he is the best out there in delivery to customers and follow-through. Give them a try and you will not be disappointed – easy button!”

“SleepTest.com supports us, as well, with our new cleaner: Prodentclean. Check out that new venture out at: www.prodentclean.com to find out more, and thank you.”

10 Out of 10 Ranking


“These folks at SleepTest.com are the goods. Not everyone has fabulous relationships with sleep physicians in their area. They understand the trials and tribulations of dental sleep medicine and have robust solutions. The cost to the patient is reasonable for sure and the reporting is quick and useful. I have recommended them to others and they have had the same experience.”

10 Out of 10 Ranking

Mark Murphy

Learn more about Dr. Murphy here or via the Pankey Institute: https://www.kosnicdental.com/

Ken Marsh

Paradise Dental


10 Out of 10 Ranking


“Our patients’ sleep behavior, and their sleep problems, are often quite personal in nature, even intimate. So when patients seek my care to alleviate their sleep dysfunction they often face a different paradigm from their usual dental, even medical, consultations and treatments. They understand a diagnosis is essential, but the idea of a hospital based lab sleep test can be daunting or uncomfortable; maybe their past experience with such is one they do not wish to repeat. So an alternative is always welcomed. The fact that Sleeptest.com makes the alternative easy, convenient, and supported provides me with the comfort of knowing my referral comes with the same kind of caring for the patient that I provide in the office. The feedback I get from patients is positive, and the best thing is I know when I refer a patient with particular or unique complications, either personal or insurance based, I can always consult with Ryan who will assume personal responsibility to oversee the case for a successful outcome. After thorough in-practice tutorial sessions and a rather short working relationship, I quickly acknowledged Ryan and Sleeptest.com to be a wonderfully contributing part of our TEAM.”

Team Member Testimonials

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First Choice Dental Group / Dr. Brian Fick

“I have had the privilege of working with the Sleeptest.com team for over a year and the experience has been exceptional! Their response and support to all of our questions and needs is very prompt and comprehensive, they go over and above on every occasion. I feel like we have built a relationship with them and they have proven to be unlike any other business I have worked with. They are clearly very passionate about what they do and has provided a platform for us to best educate and treat our patients.”  

10 out of 10 Ranking!  Learn about First Choice Dental Group: http://www.firstchoicedental.com

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10 Out of 10 Ranking


Gold Coast Prosthodontics / Dr. Jeffery O’Connell

“I have been working with the Sleep Test company for the past year and they have been wonderful! It is so easy and convenient to use. My patients love having the sleep test come to their own privacy of their home instead of going to a sleep facility. Everyone at the Sleep Test company responds to my questions quickly and I receive the sleep test results in a timely manner.”


Ross Orthodontics / Dr. Greg Ross

“I have been super impressed with the customer service! Ryan and Joey respond quickly to inquires and are very thorough and knowledgeable. The entire process is so simple and easy with them compared to what we have experience in the past! Highly recommend SleepTest, LLC!”

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10 Out of 10 Ranking


Family Dentistry of Okeechobee Inc / Dr. Jennifer Laskey

“Friendly process and personnel, fast responses to email and patients requests, quick follow up with cases.” 

10 Out of 10 Ranking


Dr. John Aurelia DDS, PLLC

“Very helpful. Very patient with all of my questions, and your team is extremely efficient! Thank you!”

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Learn more: https://www.aureliadds.com/

10 out of 10 Ranking