Exceeding Expectations is Our Expectation

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“The service representative was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable about the process. He made me feel like a valued customer and I appreciate the time he spent explaining everything to me and answering my questions. I used another company before and was not as satisfied. I will definitely refer and use SleepTest.com for any future needs.”

Ms. Melvin – Dr. Tracy Davidian

“I didn’t even know the device was on me when i was sleeping. It was very easy to use and light weight . I would recommend this study to others . I was very happy with using this device and the instruction where in written form. Also you can scan the Qr code to watch the setup video for the device.”

Mr. L Boris – Dr. Sasha Sherry

“As compared to other tests I have seen, this was a breeze. The first night took about five minutes to get the meter on, fit and comfortable. The next night was about thirty seconds. It did not hinder my sleep patterns and did not cause any discomfort through the night.”

Mr. Hardin – Dr. Susan Couzens

“The test itself is a very good alternative to going into a facility to sleep and be tested. The test itself was not bad at all. The turnaround time was hard for me, as I travel for work and couldn’t get it back in 7 days. SleepTest.com was very understanding. Great customer service, always answering the phone and calling back. Instructions are great and so is the email communication. Thank you SleepTest.com!”

Ms. Ball – Dr. Alexandra Thompson