Our sleep tests are very accurate. We use the top equipment in the industry operating at a 97% success testing rate.

2-night home sleep tests increase our success rate and minimize potential retesting occurrences. This also ensures we gather enough data for our affiliate sleep physicians to properly interpret the study.

Patients using medical insurance will be responsible for copays of any telemedicine visit and their deductible/coinsurance for the sleep test. Patients not using insurance pay $299 for their sleep test and $85 for the post-test telemedicine visit.

Patients using their medical insurance will pay for their pre-test telemedicine visit and home sleep test when logging into the telemedicine visit. Patients not using insurance will be prompted to click a button and enter their preferred payment method immediately after submitting their info.

Yes! Patients who would like to use their medical benefits can use most, national PPO plans and Medicare. Those same patients are required to attend a pre-test telemedicine visit in order to fulfill medical carrier policies. Because HMO plans have their own policies that require patients to see contracted physicians, we test HMO patients as cash.

Yes! Our telemedicine visits and home sleep tests qualify for both health savings accounts and flex spending accounts.

You can easily get a sleep test by telling your doctor about our service or using our online form to order a test for yourself.

Results are delivered within 1-2 business days after the home sleep test is returned.

This has a lot to do with you. It’s a 2-night evaluation with 2-day shipping to and from your home. Once the device is returned, one of our affiliate sleep physicians will interpret your data and provide a diagnosis within 1-2 business days.

The faster you can take your test, the faster you get your results. Ideally, you should return your sleep test in 3 days. If you return it within 5 days, we enter you into our SleepStakes, and you could win a $100 Amazon gift card. After 5 days, we will start contacting you to warn you of possible late fees.

Patients who are referred by a subscribing provider will receive their documentation from that provider. Patients who order their sleep test through our website are sent a notification to log in to their Patient Portal where all documentation can be downloaded.

The pre-test telemedicine visit is a requirement for patients utilizing insurance. During the visit, one of our affiliate sleep specialists will screen you for signs and symptoms of sleep apnea, answer your questions, and prescribe your 2-night home sleep test.

At the post-test telemedicine visit, our affiliate sleep specialist explains your results and can write you a prescription for sleep apnea therapy.

Yes. You order the test directly from the website. Click “Order My Home Sleep Test” to get started.

Yes! Once your post-test telemedicine visit is complete and you have a prescription for therapy, we’ll ask you if you’d like us to connect you with our dental clients for oral appliance therapy. You also have the option to have one of our affiliate sleep specialists order you a CPAP.