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SleepTest.com has provided sleep tests to 1000’s of customers since we started in 2016. Although not everyone who uses SleepTest.com leaves us a Google review…we think it’s because they’re too busy finally getting a good night’s sleep! We have a 4.9 rating on Google*.

*as of 9/15/20

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SleepTest.com is convenient, fast and affordable and is the only provider to offer in home sleep tests covered by your insurance company. SleepTest.com also has a Self-Pay option available if you do not have insurance coverage. See how it works below.

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Insurance Is Checked

If you have health insurance we provide a free no obligation benefits check.

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Only $299

With SleepTest.com you pay only $299 for your test without insurance. Credit Cards Accepted.

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Device Is Mailed

Once your insurance is checked, SleepTest will package and mail your device.

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Tests Are Delivered

After your test is completed, results are delivered to you after careful examination.

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How The Sleep Test Works

Monitoring Your Breathing, Not Your Sleep

Your at-home sleep test doesn’t monitor your sleep; it monitors your breathing. In the morning, your sleep test won’t know long you spent in certain stages of sleep as your smartwatch does. Instead, it’ll provide information about pauses in breathing, the absence of breathing, how difficult it is for you to breathe, and the quality of each breathe.

Your sleep test is convenient and straightforward but highly sensitive, giving your sleep doctor the information they need to assess your sleep apnea.

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Are You At Risk For Sleep Apnea?

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How To Use Your Device

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As Easy As 1-2-3

Delivery: Your sleep test device is delivered with priority shipping directly to your doorstep. We make sure the device enclosed is properly packed and tested before you receive it. Patients have a 5-day window to complete their 2-night home sleep test.

Sleep Test Device: Use your sleep test device for two nights in a row. It’s equipped with three different monitors that work together to assess your breathing. It has a monitor that goes around your chest, a finger sensor, and short oxygen tubes that go into your nose. Find more details here.

Sleep Test Results Delivered

What To Expect with Telemedicine

Not all patients need to have a consultation before receiving their sleep test. This is, however, required by some insurance companies if a person wants the insurance company to cover the cost of a sleep test.

During a pre-sleep test consultation, you will have a scheduled consultation with a sleep physician that may include:

  • Screening for sleep apnea and snoring
  • Education on signs and symptoms of sleep apnea
  • Referral for sleep testing for at-risk patients

After your sleep test, our sleep physician will schedule a consultation with you to review your diagnostic data, help you understand the sleep test data and discuss your treatment options. Learn More About Telemedicine

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Patient Testimonials

“I was thankful that I didn’t have to go to a facility and could do this at home. It was easy to understand and to complete. It wasn’t complicated and the people that I talked to explained everything in simple terms that I could understand. The whole experience including the return of the device was simple and easy to do.”

Ms. Green, Dr. Johnathan Hardy

“Thank you SleepTest.com! The entire process was super simple. Very small device and easy to sleep with. The team was very professional and wonderful to work with. I now wear an oral, dental sleep appliance to eliminate my apnea! I highly recommend this service to all my friends and family.”

Ms. G. Javan, Dr. Kellie Junker

“The service representative was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable about the process. He made me feel like a valued customer and I appreciate the time he spent explaining everything to me and answering my questions. I used another company before and was not as satisfied. I will definitely refer and use SleepTest.com for any future needs.”

Ms. Melvin, Dr. Tracy Davidian

“SleepTest.com was easy to work with, even made it possible to schedule follow up phone calls at a time that was convenient for me. The test was comfortable and easy to understand, and the results came back quickly. All in all, it was a great experience.”

Ms. C. Tsonis, Dr. Matthew Yantorni

Want To Learn More About the Process?

Sleep Test FAQs

Patients using medical insurance will be responsible for copays of any telemedicine visits and their deductible/coinsurance for the sleep test. We offer affordable prices for patients not using insurance.

Our sleep tests are very accurate. We use the top equipment in the industry operating at a 97% success testing rate.

Yes! Patients who would like to use their medical benefits can use most, national PPO plans and Medicare. Those same patients are required to attend a pre-test telemedicine visit in order to fulfill medical carrier policies. Because HMO plans have their own policies that require patients to see contracted physicians, we test HMO patients as cash.

Yes! Our telemedicine visits and home sleep tests qualify for both health savings accounts and flex spending accounts.

You can easily get a sleep test by telling your doctor about our service or use our online contact form to order a test for yourself.

Patients are given a 5-day window to take their 2-night home sleep test.

Patients who are referred by a subscribing provider will receive their documentation from their provider. Patients who order their sleep test through our website are sent a notification to log in to their Patient Portal where all documentation can be downloaded.

Patients who are referred by a subscribing provider will have their results delivered to their provider within 1-2 business days after the home sleep test has been received by SleepTest.com. Patients who order their sleep test through our website receive their results to their SleepTest Patient Portal within 1-2 business days after the home sleep test has been received by SleepTest.com.

If SleepTest.com is unable to retrieve study Information from a testing device as a result of Your error in using the testing device, as will be determined in the sole and absolute discretion of SleepTest, You may be charged a re-testing fee in the amount of $99.00. The re-testing fee will be charged to your payment method. If and only if SleepTest.com determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, that a testing error was the result of a defective testing device, will SleepTest.com send you a new testing device without any additional charge. In the case of a testing error, SleepTest.com will only send you a new testing device when it has confirmed that you have returned your current testing device.