Ryan C. Javanbakht

President | CEO | Co-Founder


Ryan Javanbakht is our President and CEO of SleepTest.com. He co-founded the national home sleep testing service in 2016 after discovering his father’s life-threatening, cardiovascular condition was an avoidable one, had he only been given better access to and knowledge of sleep testing. He has since built a powerful team of motivated people whose desire it is to create a safer, more effective way of testing. He and our team wake up every morning driven by integrity, with a purpose to provide care to the over thirty million US patients suffering with undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea.

young man sleeping in bed with a CPAP mask on

Ryan has spent most of his professional career in healthcare because he loves to be in a role where he can help people live better, healthier, and more fulfilled lives. He started this journey in dentistry and orthodontics with Invisalign, and then made his way into the vascular world with Bard Peripheral Vascular (BD); however, Ryan fully committed to the field of sleep medicine when he learned his father’s detrimental, cardiovascular condition could have been improved with a sleep test. It wasn’t until after his father went through open-heart surgery, a quadruple bypass, multiple angioplasties, and four stent placements that he was prescribed a sleep test. After testing they learned that he had severe apnea and could have led to his father’s cardiovascular issues. Sadly, after years of PAP therapy, Ryan’s father experienced a stroke due to the fact that his sleep testing and therapy started far too late. Great news, his father Eddie, is doing very well today!

Ryan lectures as an expert in testing and airway education, as well as psychology and human behavior. He’s lectured at the North American Dental Sleep Symposium, the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, California Dental Association, Obstructive Sleep Airway University, the American Academy of Physiological Medicine & Dentistry, i-CAT Congress, Vatech Symposium, Invisalign CE, and many other continuing education events. Beyond his speaking engagements, his work and his philosophies have been documented in multiple publications. Ryan tirelessly creates better options for the thousands of patients who have been and will be tested and diagnosed using the SleepTest.com service…and he believes this all begins with education and awareness.

SleepTest.com President & CEO Ryan C. Javanbakht speaking at an event

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The son of an educator, Ryan is a forever-student. He knows the value of learning and teaching. His degree in Psychology from the University of California, Davis, paired with his continued research in psychology and human behavior, propelled him to found Activator Inc., a professional and personal development organization providing executive coaching to businesses and leaders.

Ryan maintains a valuable balance between helping others and finding his own fulfillment in those he loves. He is an avid reader (and may never see the end of that stack of books he plans on reading) and values the joy of a great workout, super early in the morning! He and his wife Celena are raising their twins, Micah and Skyla, in sunny, Southern California. If you don’t catch them on the soccer or baseball fields they’re probably camping with Adventure Guides or walking their dog, Luna, at Salt Creek Beach.

Ryan C. Javanbakht, President, CEO and Co-Founder of SleepTest.com and his family pose for a photo together