Two-Night Home Sleep Test Device Instructions

Do you think you might have sleep apnea? A home sleep test device is just what you need to discover the cause of your symptoms. Our home sleep study is convenient, comfortable, and affordable.

The home sleep test device has only a few components and is simple to use. We’ll send the test right to your door and you’ll wear it for two consecutive nights. We’ll gather data on your breathing, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, restlessness, and snoring that’ll help our sleep doctors diagnose your condition. Choose convenience, comfort, and affordability with’s home sleep test device. Order your sleep test today.

Printed Instructions

home sleep test device Instructions

View or Download our step by step instructions for your sleep test.

Instructional Video

Watch the video on how ApneaLink works.

Important Tips & FAQs

Keep the box your home sleep test device arrived in!

You’ll use that to return it with the included pre-paid return label.

Change AAA Batteries for night two

Don’t forget to changes the AAA batteries included in your device bag before beginning your second night of testing.

Use the 8 strips of medical tape

Use the supplied strips included in your device bag as indicated to insure device remains secure for testing.

Discard the nasal cannula

Detach and discard the included nasal cannula before returning your sleep test device.

Please complete your 2-night sleep test as soon as possible, and return it so we can help more patients in need.

Late fees may apply if the device is not returned within 5 days of receipt.

Two nights.  Refer to pages 4 and 5 of the pdf.