“Everything came in a timely fashion, explanation on how to use it was clear and concise, and it was comfortable enough to sleep with it on. All in all a good experience.”

Jean P. – Dr. Mark Murphy

“SleepTest.com made it convenient to get a sleep study that I’ve been putting off for years. The process was simple and they were very helpful with every step in the process.”

Jason H. – Dr. Brant Rouse

“A little awkward putting on the first night. And I was self conscious about something going wrong the first night. Otherwise, no problem and no discomfort involved. A quick and easy process. Thank you.”

Brad G. – Dr. David Smith

“The SleepTest did what it was supposed to do. I move lot in my sleep, so some of the tubes and clips came loose during the night. I don’t have suggestions on how to fix this though.”

Camilla B – Dr. Jacob Overman

“I am so thankful for this because I would have never gone into a brick and mortar. It to be able to do this from the comfort of my own home was priceless! Extremely easy! The directions and everything included took me less than three minutes. Thank you!!!!”

Matt R.

“It was easy!The instructions were very clear and precise. I didn’t have any problem following the directions and it went amazingly easy. Best sleep test I have ever done.It’s the only one I have ever done. But I’ve heard stories of others that weren’t so positive.””

Micahel G. – Dr. Mark Williamson

“Your test was so much better than the one I tried in our hospital-minimal hook-ups,wiring, head connections, not to mention sleeping in your own home & bed made this so do-able!! PS The hospital sent me home at 5 am as I had not slept a wink, I was so uncomfortable there!😉”

Michele G. – Dr. Daniel Axvig

“Directions were straightforward and easy to follow. The device wasn’t uncomfortable. Returning materials was easy. Comparing this to spending a night in a sleep clinic, this was so convenient. The only downside for me was that Medicare did not cover the cost”

Mark S. – Dr. John Spagnuolo

“The test directions were very easy to understand. Although it is just a bit annoying to wear the sleep test when you are trying to sleep, it truly was not a problem at all and worth the minor annoyance to establish your sleep health.”

Gina F. – Dr. Amy Shoumer

“Sleep test was simple and easy as everything came assembled so you just follow the instructions, nose piece fell out once the first night so I used the provided tape to secure the second night with no problems.””

Micahel P. – Dr. Abbas Ahrabu

“Very easy process…… The only reason I didn’t give the refer a friend a 10 is because I honestly don’t know if this will work any better than some of the other mouth pieces out there.””

Mike O. Dr. Amir Larijani

“I can’t say enough great things about the team at Sleep Test. After being shuffled about by “normal” healthcare establishment, I was running out of time. My livelihood, my home, my life depended on fast results of my sleep test. These guys went way out of their way to help me. I am forever indebted to them. This is the future of healthcare and others need to learn from these guys. THANK YOU!!!!!”

Steve M. – Dr. Todd Morgan

“Top notch customer service. Professional during the entire process. Sleep Test truly wants to save lives and get you the best care possible. Would recommend to anyone who might think they have sleep apnea. The test itself was a breeze and comfortable to wear all night. Instructions were clear as well.”

Sean M. – Dr. Shawn Loo

“What a great idea! No need to go to a sleep clinic with self-conscious video-taped and uncomfortable sleep study… This is the best way to test for sleep apnea, in your own bed, two nights of wearing a very comfortable device and back to the company… The company contacts you via phone and email to walk you through the process… Easy Peasy! Results are sent you both you and your doctor if you so choose… Just WOW! Thank you Sleep Test for an outstanding experience all around!”

Angela B

“I found the Sleep-Test device very easy to set up and wear. And it recorded very well and allowed me to sleep normally for the two nights that I wore the device. My wife has been very concerned over the years about my increased snoring and the device and report confirmed her concerns. Thank you Sleep-Test!”

Vincent S – Dr. Michael Matthias

“Very convenient and easy to schedule with a sleep doctor at a convenient time for a telemedicine consult. The equipment arrived with all the instructions needed and was comfortable to wear. I was ready to put it on a third night but already was on its way back by mail. Waiting on my follow up consult with my doctor for the results. All has progressed at a great pace.”

Dr. Olga Gil

“I enjoyed the fact that I could sleep in my own bed in my home for the sleep study. The equipment was easy to set up and use for the most part, and customer service was just a phone call away for any questions. They were wonderful to work with. While I did sleep restlessly the first night with some anxiety that I might inadvertently disconnect some part of the machine’s components in my sleep and render the night’s testing unsuccessful, I was pleasantly surprised both nights that all lights were still green upon awakening. It is a nicely designed unit I feel.”

Joyce N. – Dr. David Smith

“The folks on your team were really helpful, unfortunately I forget his name but the young man who called before the device was sent to me was super helpful asking my questions! The test itself was even easier than I imagined – I’m looking forward to hearing from my Dr. One thing perhaps to improve on is the clip on thing that just slides on the elastic/velcro wrap-around kept falling off, perhaps make the clip on tighter or something like that!”

Maureen G. – Dr. Jonathan Puza

“Your test was so much better than the one I tried in our hospital-minimal hook-ups,wiring, head connections, not to mention sleeping in your own home & bed made this so do-able!! PS The hospital sent me home at 5 am as I had not slept a wink, I was so uncomfortable there!”

Michele G. – Dr. Daniel Axvig

“Sleeptest.com service was great. The device was well packaged, and the instructions were easy to follow. Using the device was easier than I had thought it would be based on what I’d read about sleep tests. Repacking and shipping the device was also very easy. I would recommend sleeptest.com for anyone looking for a home sleep study.”

Dave K. – Dr. Matthew Boscia