“Good customer service, easy to use device all done in the comfort of your own home. Would definitely use them again.”

Ryan T. – Dr. Darin Bach

“Everybody was very helpful and the explanation and instructions on how to use the device was concise. Thank you.”

Barbara H. – Dr. Daniel Drakulitch

“Great helpful staff. Easy process to return equipment. Have recommended to numerous others with sleep issues”

Larry G. – Dr. Dave Smith

“Customer service was excellent in explaining the process. Simple to use with the instructions provided.”

Dr. Sally W. – Dr. Sally Webb

“I was apprehensive, but it turned out that it was a pleasant experience. Very easy to use.”

Helen W. – Dr. Justin Barbar

“Far easier than I expected to use the apparatus. Overall a very pleasant experience.”

Brad P. – Dr. Dustin Lively

“So much easier than going for the overnight study away from home and your own bed. The testing device is barely noticeable while you sleep.”

April S. – Dr. Joseph Murphy

“This sleep test was convenient in the comfort of my home and easy to understand the instructions.”

Sonia N. – Dr. Joseph Grimaudo

“I am happy I did the sleep test, as it revealed I have moderate obstructive sleep apnea and severe hypoxemia.”

Stacey W. – Dr. Nathan Lester

“Everyone was very nice and helpful. The test was very easy to complete, and the directions we’re fool proof.”

April C. – Dr. Shana Cappelle

“Sleep Test was very easy to use. I was able to quickly get it on and off without any concerns both days.”

Monica S. – Dr. Hesham Abdelbaky

“I found the process to be very easy and minimally disruptive to my sleep on either night.”

Laura L. – Dr. Kirk Opdahl

“The test was shipped promptly, and I was given easy to follow advice. Thank you.”

Maria G. – Dr. Ivan Paskalev

“Test was very affordable, easy to use and the staff members were friendly and able to answer all my questions.”

Richard F. – Dr. Marie Mueske

“Was easy to use and didn’t even know I was wearing it when I was sleeping.”

Leonard B. – Dr. Sasha Sherry

“I have never been excited to go to hospital for a sleep study. Once I heard about SleepTest I was automatically in! So easy to use and the instructions were awesome. Thank you for inventing this very awesome device!”

Robin J. – Dr. James Lucero

“The customer service was fantastic throughout the process! Device was moderately uncomfortable, but as to be expected with anything abnormal having to be worn while sleeping.”

Melissa S. – Dr. Kevin Bril

“I found the Sleep Test to easy to use. The directions were easy to follow and all of the parts were already connected. Overall it was a good experience.”

Beverly H. – Dr. Daniel Axvig

“My SleepTest experience was very simple. Autumn from the SleepTest company was extremely helpful with all the questions I had.””

Peggy M. – Dr. Jesse Neal

“The representative was knowledgeable and helped to prepare me for when I recieved the device. The device was used friendly. Overall, I had a great experience.”

Rosalind H.M. – Dr. Shelly Bedayse