“Better than having to go into a facility for a sleep study. Very easy to use. I’ll recommend to everyone I know.”

Mr. H. Sellers – Dr. Kevin Rowan

“Prompt initial interview and follow up. Easy to follow instructions. Great support from company.”

Mr. B. Valle – Dr. David Mugford

“The process was very simple and the customer service support is excellent.”

Mr. Sabo – Dr. Farzad Firouzian

“Easy to use, nice to be able to do this at home, professional services & quick turn around.”

Ms. Wilkins – Dr. Talmadge Wilkins

“The sleep test was very easy to use and given the type of test it was, it wasn’t uncomfortable. It was a bit cumbersome putting it on the first time.”

Dr. Aaron S. Johnson

“From the start everything was explaining very well, the device was simple to wear and the mail back process was easy.”

Mr. Enriquez – Dr. Paredes

“Easy to follow instructions, did not bother me at night, and reasonable price.”

Ms. Currin – Dr. Patel

“Unit arrived in a few days after ordered. Video was very helpful. Easy to put on and comfortable to sleep with.”

Ms. T. Malouf – Dr. Gabrielle Ramellini

“The test itself was fairly easy to setup and understand how to use. Staff was very friendly.”

Mr. Flanagan – Dr. Niki Latiolas

“Sleep Test was very easy to use. I was able to quickly get it on and off without any concerns both days.”

Ms. M. Severt – Dr. Bakey

“Was very easy. For being a sleep test, I found it to be an easy experience.”

Mr. H. Ruchotzki – Dr. Joshua Kiene

“Easy and quickly delivered. People on phone were nice.”

Ms. N. Jackson

“Your customer support service was stellar and I loved working with you.”

Ms. M. Rafferty – Dr. David Buck

“The appliance was very easy to use and I had 2 great nights of sleep.”

Ms. J. White – Dr. Josh Kiene

“The sleep test was great and user friendly.”

Mr. R. Pierre Jr. – Dr. Luis Acosta

“Great that I was able to take test at home.”

Mr. R. Norris – Dr. Chester & Dr. Degati

“Easiest test to use and send back.”

Mr. W. Stover – Dr. James LoCascio

“Better than the hospital test I had many years ago.”

Mr. R. Hoey – Dr. Daniel Drakulich

“Great experience. Easy to use.”

Mr. C. Babcock – Dr. Jeffery Harrison

“Very easy to use. Directions were clear and concise.”

Ms. S. Reed – Dr. Michael Firouzian