“The team member I spoke with was amazing! She was knowledgable, informative, and answered all of my questions with patience. Everything went smoothly from the first step to the last.”

Ms. Hebert – Dr. Nader Bazzi

“This entire process with sleeptest.com has been professional and a lot easier than I thought it would be. I’m looking forward to better quality of life because of my dentist and his referral to your organization!”

Mr. T. Arkins – Dr. David Potts

“Sleep Test was very easy to take and I was able to take it from the comfort of my own bed. Results came in very quickly as well and I was very impressed with the customer service I received from Sleep Test.”

Ms. Fleeter – Dr. Jay Goldstein

“The SleepTest staff was very patient with me. They explained over the phone how the test would work and were more than understanding when I needed extra time to complete it. SleepTest is a very organized, professional company!”

Ms. Springer – Dr. Cynthia Brattesani

“It was so easy to schedule the test, receive the test, take it and ship it back. Results came back pretty quickly. Overall, very impressed.”

Ms. Newsom – Dr. Kassi Klein

“It was very convenient to be able to complete the sleep test in the comfort of my own home. The test kit was minimally invasive and easy to use.”

Ms. Hester – Dr. Mark Murphy

“Really easy to hook up at night. Instructions were easy. No problems getting up during the night when I had to use the bathroom. Did not bother my sleeping at all.”

Mr. Oldham – Dr. Philip Lisk

“It was very convenient to be able to complete the sleep test in the comfort of my own home. The test kit was minimally invasive and easy to use.”

Ms. Hester – Dr. Mark Murphy

“Scheduling and follow up was very good. Arrived on time. Directions were given and easy to use. Whole process was easy.”

Ms. Reynolds – Dr. Leena Bahu

“The instructions were easy to understand. I had no issue utilizing the equipment for my sleep test. The return instructions were clear. All together simple and easy experience.”

Ms. M. Goldman – Dr. Brian Jackson

“Instructions that came with the test were very self explanatory and easy to follow. I would definitely recommend this to friends!”

Mr. Strupp – Dr. Daniel Banks

“Very easy sleep test to wear while sleeping. Directions that were given over the phone were thorough, complete and easy to follow.”

Dr. Deborah Romack

“Although the first night was uncomfortable and took some getting used to, I can only imagine how much worse it would have been to do the same test outside of the comfort of home and my usual “sleep routine”. Thanks for making it easy!”

Dr. Robert Harrell

“It was easy and surprisingly comfortable. My husband had a sleep test done in a hotel room with probes on his head about 10 years ago. He couldn’t believe how easy mine was.”

Ms. J. Taglavore – Dr. Rowland Holsinger

“The entire team at SleepTest has been top notch! They are always quick to help us and provide outstanding customer service!”

Ms. A. Renner – Dr. Ola Englund & Dr. Rob DesRoches

“Quick, easy, and painless. Results were fast, and testing was easy and hassle-free. So far I’m impressed.”

Mr. J. Harper – Dr. Jay Nelson

“The Sleep Test was easy to set up and most importantly great to sleep in!”

Ms. Krafcik – Dr. Degati & Dr. Chester)

“The machine was easy to use and the staff’s instruction beforehand made using the machine even easier.”

Ms. Diesl – Dr. Nicole Dahlkemper

“Everything was incredibly easy and it was a smooth process from beginning to end. The test equipment itself was easy to put on and use each night. I eagerly await my results to see how it all worked out.”

Ms. VIgil – Dr. Michell Mattioli

“This was far easier than coming into a clinic for “in person” observation. Getting up in the middle of the night took a little maneuvering, but it was still better than being away from home.”

Ms. K. Gutierrez – Dr. Kasey Hawkins