“One of the most professional and thorough companies I have worked with. If all were like Sleeptest.com my life would be so much easier. Thanks for caring as much as we do!”

Ms. Ludwig – Dr. Steven Pyle

“SleepTest.com makes having this type of testing so easy! They take care of all the insurance issues, they are clear on the costs and walk you through every step of what is going to happen. Once you get the equipment, the instructions are very simple and easy to follow. Just remember to change the batteries (I was so tired the second night I forgot)! I had no issues sleeping with the device on me. Returning the equipment is very easy.”

Ms. Strickland – Dr. Matthew Yantorni

“Very easy to understand, not invasive and loved being able to do it at home. Everything I needed was included so there were no extra things I had to purchase. The cost to me was minimal considering it was a two night test.”

Ms. Green – Dr. Johnathan Hardy

“My sleep test was easy to put on myself in 2 minutes each night. I slept just fine each night; I didn’t feel restricted or uncomfortable as I have with previous sleep tests. Thank you for an easy, excellent at-home sleep study!”

Mr. Sanner – Dr. Justin Barber

“I am a dentist, trained in Sleep Apnea detection and am knowledgeable in this field. I found the company, and the test device, and the Dr. reviewed results to be highly satisfactory, professional, and in line with what I was expecting. I performed 4 tests on myself, two with an oral appliance and two without to compare. the results were very helpful in interpreting both if I had sleep apnea, and if so, did a device help. The sleep test device is comfortable to wear and easy to use once you get a bit used to it. Very pleased with the entire process.”

Dr. Chris Kamen

“The easiest way to test sleep that I have ever experienced! I have done 3 other typical ‘inpatient’ facility sleep studies in which you are wired from head to toe. Completely uncomfortable & inconvenient! Sleep Test .com is the easiest and most relaxing and convenient way to test your sleep in the comfort of your own home. My only suggestion is to figure out an easy way to keep the oxygen oximeter clip on the belt around the chest area. Mine slipped off a few times & so the red light came on. Other than that, “easy peasy” testing!”

Ms. S. Fortnat – Dr Joseph Dagati

“The sleep test was very easy to use and I would recommend it for those looking to see if they have sleep issues. I am looking forward to getting my results so I know what my next steps are.”

Ms. M. Stinnett – Dr. Stephanie Reyburn

“I performed the sleep study over a period of 3 nights. The first night the test complete light was red after I completed the test, so when I called they told me to do the test 1 more night. I have had 2 sleep studies previously, and they were done in overnight sleep study facilities. Those tests were very disruptive and unpleasant. The at home sleep study was by far much less obtrusive to my life and set up and the test itself were very easy to conduct. I would recommend Sleep Test to any family or friends that require a sleep study. I found all my communications by phone with Sleep Test personnel to be very pleasant and professional. My questions were answered and they made the process very easy.”

Mr. T. Marrs – Dr. Teresa Kang

“I didn’t sleep as well as I normally do, but I know I slept better than I would during a sleep clinic test. The instructions and device was very easy to understand and use. It was so simple to send it back.”

Ms. S. Gates – Dr. Page Lester

“I enjoyed a very positive experience with SleepTest.com. I look forward to reviewing the results with my clinician and hope that will lead to a favorable outcome to my sleeping issue.”

Mr. Lorssl – Dr. Niraj Patel

“Was easy, customer service was helpful and accommodating with scheduling delivery of testing, never felt pressured to take, you have good people working for you!”

Mr. Boyack – Dr. Germain Jean Charles

“I had performed a home sleep test a few years ago with a different company and I have to say this time around it was easier and more comfortable. I highly recommend this test for anyone who needs more answers about potential sleep problems.”

Ms. Mkachar – Dr. Nader Bazzi

“It was very nice to do the sleep test at home! I was much more willing to do the sleep test since I didn’t have to go somewhere else for it. The directions were very well explained and easy to follow.”

Ms. S. Trainis – Dr. Kevin Brill

“Easy to get ordered, easy to use – tutorials online, in the mail, etc. Easy to return, just slap the label included on there and send it out. Very well done making this an easy experience! Thank you!”

Mr. Josh C. – Dr. Matthew Boscia

“It was great to be able to do this study in the privacy of my home. I felt more comfortable and it was super easy to use. I’d recommend this to anyone who might be experiencing any kind of sleep apnea.”

Mr. Hittson – Dr. Ashley Deacy

“Much easier than taking a sleep test in a facility. Everything came as advertised and everything was already attached, ready to use.”

Mr. Hrabec – Dr. Nora Barber

“The test went exactly as described. Documentation, instructions were clear and easy to follow. Painless and didn’t interferre with my sleep. Only problem was the oximeter slipped off my finger the last hour or two of the second night of my test. The tape provided for the cannula was also very helpful. Returning the kit was simple and easy.”

Ms. J. Reed – Dr. James Jelinek

“Everything was easy to do. I was given verbal instructions and instruction included in the test. I did not have any problems getting set up and I actually felt like I slept well without feeling hocked up to something.”

Ms. Slunaker – Dr. Jeffrey Harrison

“Thank you SleepTest.com! The entire process was super simple. Very small device and easy to sleep with. The team was very professional and wonderful to work with. I now wear an oral, dental sleep appliance to eliminate my apnea! I highly recommend this service to all my friends and family.”

Ms. G. Javan – Dr. Kellie Junker

“I loved this sleep test. It was great being able to be comfortable and in my own bed for this. The product came with wonderful instructions on how to use and it was perfectly simple!”

Ms. P. Cutter – Dr. Damdy Richards & Dr. Ivetta Maclin