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New at Sleeptest.com - Patient Payment Portal

At SleepTest.com we work hard, fast and smart to exceed your and your patients’ expectations. We are constantly improving our protocols to help serve your patients.

We’ve added 4 simple ways for your PPO patients to make payments.



  • It is our goal to make it easy for your patients to do business with us! We must act as an extension of your practice and uphold the same values and reputation. 


  • While other sleep test providers are only sending paper statements and hammering your patients with phone calls, until they give up and send them to collections…our goal is to be uncommon and easy to work with. 


  • With all PPO patients, we now collect credit/debit cards from your patients up front – during their scheduling call. 


  • As an example, assuming a patient has a $250.00 out of pocket responsibility, we will collect a deposit of $86.00 up front, as a deposit toward their portion of the sleep test. 


  • Now that we have their credit card on file, we just made your patients’ lives super easy – they barely won’t have to lift a finger to write a check or fill out credit card info on a paper statement, in fear they could be subject to credit card fraud. 


  • Though we send paper statements every Friday, we follow it up with an email to the patient that will simply allow them to reply “YES” to charge their card on file for their balance due (in the example above, balance due would be $164.00). 



  • Simply click the link, add their name and email address to create a secure space to make their payment online!


  • For folks who prefer traditional models, they can use the paper statement or call our billing department to speak with a live team member and make payment over the phone.