“No Patient Left Behind”

Dental Sleep Practice Magazine

Ryan C. Javanbakht & Elias Kalantzis

June 2017

Read the full article in the Dental Sleep Practice Magazine: https://dentalsleeppractice.com/cover-stories/no-patient-left-behind/

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Check out a few lines from the article…

join our movement!

There’s an epidemic that’s 85% undiagnosed, affecting people all around us. Every medical professional has responsibility, but, so far, patients are suffering…

No Patient left behind. That’s our goal. Isn’t that the essence of the pledge that we made as professionals in dentistry and medicine? We have an obligation to serve people to the best of our ability.

If we all agree on the mindset of “No Patient Left Behind,” we must go beyond educating patients. We must create a “movement.” How does one help facilitate change? Let’s look beyond the status quo. If you ask Dr. Howard Hindin, DMD, MS, he says: “How we breathe, as well as the structure and function of our airway, determines our health, performance and quality of life. Today still only 15% of men, women and children have their “hidden” airway / sleep problems recognized and adequately diagnosed and treated.

If we all want to help more patients get diagnosed and treated, let’s do it together! We all need to realize that we need to use a multidisciplinary approach to help treat patients…

Keep an open mind and remember your purpose, and you will help more people. “No patient left behind.” Become the movement. Fight the fight. Make a difference. Patients need you.

Sleeptest.com Launches National Home Sleep Test Service, Focusing on Positive Patient Experience and Quick Turnaround

The new ‘no patient left behind’ protocol ensures a favorable home sleep testing experience for patient, dentist and physician.


Sleeptest.com is now offering safe and secure means of diagnosing Obstructive Sleep Apnea, through their new home sleep test service. Experts at Sleeptest.com are bridging the gap between patient diagnosis and treatment, allowing dentists and physicians to focus on patient care.

Benefits of the new service include minimizing risk of losing patients during referral or testing process. This is enhanced with a complimentary verification of benefits, along with sleep test device shipment and retrieval, and then completed with results and recommendation from a board certified sleep physician.  Co-Founder of Sleeptest.com, Ryan Javanbakht, and his team are honored to launch this national home sleep test service built from what he calls, “the inside out”.  He states, “We now have a medical model that will enhance the delivery of care in the sleep industry by focusing on a patient centric model.”

SleepTest.com provides a safe and easy HIPAA compliant portal offering professionals instant access to protected patient health information. Javanbakht remarks, “By relentlessly pursuing innovative technologies, our mission is to minimize barriers to airway treatment and help patients live better lives.”

For more information, please visit SleepTest.com or simply call 1-800-SLEEPTEST.