Q: Who is SleepTest.com?

A: SleepTest.com is a national home sleep test service, driven with purpose and integrity to serve patients and clinicians with diagnoses of sleep apnea and sleep disordered breathing, supported by board certified sleep physicians.  


Q: Is SleepTest.com HIPAA compliant?

A: Absolutely!  We have studied HIPAA compliance endlessly to ensure our organization, our members and our clients are protected.  We have the safest model in the home sleep test arena, providing all of our members with complimentary, HIPAA compliant, patient portals to submit prescriptions and retrieve sleep test results.  

Q: Which type of home sleep test device does SleepTest.com use?

A: SleepTest.com utilizes the ResMed ApneaLink Air Type III home sleep test device. 


Q: Why does SleepTest.com choose to utilize the ResMed ApneaLink Air device?

A: SleepTest.com has found the ApneaLink Air, by ResMed to be incredibly user friendly and suffices two of our core values: Patient-Centric and Service.  In addition, SleepTest.com likes the ApneaLink Air because it meets the criteria requested by most insurance plans and policies, as well as the fact that it can decipher between central and obstructive apnea, providing a more accurate score of apnea over other devices that do not surround the patient’s chest.  


Q: What is the average turn-around time for home sleep test results?

A: Our goal is to supply SleepTest.com members with home sleep test results accompanied by the diagnosis by a board certified sleep physician within 3-4 business days after the home sleep test device is received from the patient.  


Q: As a SleepTest.com member do I need to buy or lease home sleep test devices?

A: No.  SleepTest.com provides home sleep test devices for all referred patients, from current clients at no additional cost. No purchase or rental of sleep test devices is required.  


Q: Does SleepTest.com serve all 50 states in the USA? 

A: Yes.  SleepTest.com provides home sleep tests and diagnoses by board certified sleep physicians in all 50 states, but it is the responsibility of the member to do their own research to ensure they are following along with their state protocols and scope of practice.  

Q: How does a SleepTest.com client submit patient referrals? 

A: SleepTest.com has the most innovative and safest process to submit referrals for home sleep tests. All clients are provided with their own username and password to our HIPAA compliant patient portal where you can simply drag and drop, or upload submissions with patient health information. 


Q: How does SleepTest.com call and schedule patients?  My previous sleep test provider called my patient 3 times a day and left message every day like a telemarketer.   

A: At SleepTest.com we are highly motivated by one of our key, core values: Patient-Centric; therefore, we proactively seek to exceed patient expectations by putting ourselves in their shoes.  SleepTest.com provides clients with access to our Patient Scheduler which allows them to schedule patients’ 7-minute phone call directly on our website, which is synched to our team’s calendar. We will call your patient at the time you booked!


Q: Can I order home sleep tests for baseline diagnoses and efficacy results?

A: Absolutely!  Our easy to use, customized SleepTest.com referral form allows you to choose which type of home sleep test you would like to order for your patient.  You choose and we’ll process! 

Q: How does a SleepTest.com client retrieve sleep test results?  

A: SleepTest.com has the most innovative and safest process to retrieve sleep test results.  All members are provided with their own username and password to our HIPAA compliant patient portal where our members can simply login with their username and password to retrieve sleep test results immediately. 


Q: What if I lose my patient’s sleep test results?  How do I retrieve them? 

A: No problem! SleepTest.com hosts your patients’ sleep tests results in your HIPAA compliant portal where you can revisit sleep test results if and when needed. Even though we’d love to hear from you, no need to call!  You are in control. 


Q: I’ve always had an issue with tracking my patients during their sleep test process.  How does SleepTest.com help manage this process? 

A: We know this is a hassle and we have a solution. You will receive an automated response immediately following your patient submission, then we will send you step-by-step patient notifications all the way through the process until your sleep test results are complete.


Q: How much will my patients pay for a home sleep study? 

A: SleepTest.com works with most medical PPO insurance plans to provide ethical and cost effective pricing to patients, minimizing barriers to testing in today’s world with extremely high deductibles. Your patients’ cost can be broken up into 2-3 payments over 2-3 months. Call us for a live, webinar tour and we’ll explain exactly how that works.  


Q: What if my patient’s sleep tests results don’t host enough data for a diagnosis? 

A: No problem!  We will retest your patients at no cost if there is an issue with collecting the necessary data to determine their sleep patterns.  


Q: Which types of clinicians does SleepTest.com serve?

A: SleepTest.com serves a large variety of clinicians in the medical and dental arenas, including but not limited to dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, sleep physicians, primary care physicians, family physicians, physical therapists, and more.  

Q: Does SleepTest.com bill the patient’s medical or dental insurance? 

A: SleepTest.com utilizes a patient’s medical insurance to bill the patient’s sleep study. Most medical PPO plans allow for this type of procedure. Our team will proactively run a verification of benefits and explain to your patients prior to mailing the home sleep test device.   


Q:  Is SleepTest.com an in-network or out-of-network medical service? 

A: SleepTest.com is an out-of-network medical service. This allows us to be more flexible with patient out-of-pocket portion. Give us a call and we’ll gladly explain why this is a benefit to your practice and your patient.  


Q: What if my patient doesn’t have medical coverage for a home sleep test? 

A: No problem!  We’ve implemented a friendly, private cost to patients who do not have medical benefits that cover the home sleep test. We call it “Self-Pay”. It’s quick and easy!  It is our mission to see all patients tested and treated to minimize the millions of people in the USA that suffer with OSA. We will do whatever we can to help you and your patient. 


Q: Can my appointed, medical biller integrate with the SleepTest.com portal? 

A: Yes. This eliminates a whole step on behalf of your patient and keeps us in line with another one of our core values: Expeditious! Once agreed upon by the member and medical biller, access is granted into the SleepTest.com HIPAA compliant patient portal so the medical biller is triggered for instant verification of benefits with our preferred partners.  Contact us and your medical biller for more details.  


Q: Can Medicare patients utilize their benefits with SleepTest.com program?  

A: SleepTest.com is not currently billing Medicare benefits for home sleep testing. We encourage all Medicare patients to follow state parameters, seeing their primary care physician for a face-to-face visit, and then be referred for their sleep test.  

*Contact us if you are not a Medicare DME provider and plan on treating your patient as a private/cash patient. We have a solution for this type of patient. Like you, we can also treat your patients as a private/cash patient with an ABN Form completed.

Q: How can I learn more about the SleepTest.com program? 

A: Just click on the Contact Us tab in our website and submit your information. One of our friendly team members will reach out to plan a time to demonstrate our program for you via live, webinar tour. Or, just pick up the phone and give us a call!


Q: The SleepTest.com program sounds great! How do I enroll? 

A: Simply click on the Get Started tab in our website and fill in the enrollment information.  Once submitted, one of our friendly team members will collect the required documents and plan a time to educate you on how to submit prescriptions and retrieve sleep test results.  


Q: How do I contact customer service for live help at SleepTest.com

A: Click on the Contact Us tab in our website for more details and give us a call or shoot us an email. Our team will do our best to get to you within 24 hours. 


Q: How much does it cost to become a SleepTest.com client?  

A: There is a one-time investment of $995 required to become a SleepTest.com client. SleepTest.com provides discounted enrollment to folks that are referred from our friendly, vendor partners.

Q: Does SleepTest.com provide any doctor and team training? 

A: SleepTest.com will provide our referring clinicians and their teams 3 instructional webinars on how to use our system, which includes ongoing Patient Analysis Review meetings with our Account Managers.

Q: What are SleepTest.com's hours of operation?  

A: SleepTest.com is open for members and patients from 8:30am to 5:30pm CST.