The coronavirus pandemic ushered in many changes in dental sleep medicine. While the pandemic is starting to ramp down, it’s unlikely that these changes will reverse. Patients have realized that telemedicine has many benefits. It’s not a poor substitute for office visits, for many people, it’s becoming a preferred option, especially for sleep apnea treatment, which has traditionally had many barriers. This means that dental practices must prepare themselves to provide telemedicine to their patients in order to thrive in the future.

That’s why we joined the webinar “Adapt and Move into the Future of Dental Sleep Medicine” on April 9, 2020. In this webinar, we bring together four experts in the industry to give insight into how to transition your practice from the dental sleep medicine of the past to the dental sleep medicine of the future.

Key Lessons

In this webinar, we discuss several of the keys to adapting your practice to the future circumstances of dental sleep medicine. This includes such keys to success as how to:

  • Reach patients with telemedicine
  • Network with sleep physicians via telemedicine to screen patients and order sleep tests
  • Work with a direct-to-patient, home sleep testing company
  • Work with a medical biller who:
    • Delivers your patient’s insurance coverage in 48 hours
    • Initiates the pre-authorization
    • Will host the financial consultation

In addition, the webinar includes a Q & A where all four experts delve into some of the specific questions that lead to uncertainty and inaction.

Turn Trials into Triumph

CEO & President Ryan C. Javanbakht stressed one key message in this webinar: a challenge isn’t a threat, it’s an opportunity. Yes, there are risks related to changing your practice, but there are tremendous benefits for those that can navigate the transition. Changing to telemedicine will act as a great filter, separating those who could not adapt from those who can. If you make yourself one of the adapters, you will enjoy a greater share of patientsーand profitsーthan you enjoyed in the past.

President Javanbakht doesn’t just offer bland generalizations, he gives specific recommendations for making this difficult transition. The webinar includes detailed action steps that dentists can take immediately to start the transition. He highlights some of the potential pitfalls and how you can avoid them to successfully achieve remote patient care that supports your in-person practice.

Let Us Help Your Transition

Getting sleep tests to your patients via telemedicine is an essential ingredient to your future success. Learn how our efficient, patient-centered approach can help your practice operate more profitably while giving your patients a better experience.

Please contact us today to get started delivering sleep tests directly to your patients.